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(but before that, a bit about you)

Beermingham Brewers Collaborative...

...(first offquick question: do you really - and we mean REALLY! - LOVE BEER? If you answered YES, we should definitely connect!)


Okay, back to the Collaboratve: We're a dedicated bunch of BHAM  beer lovers comprising aficionados, brewers, and connoisseurs of craft beer, who are all intent on promoting camaraderie among and collaboration between the outstanding field of local breweries that call Birmingham, AL home


Our actions already directly benefit local breweries, consumers, the city, and our communities as we work diligently together to cultivate, curate, and showcase BHAM's burgeoning craft beer scene. This groundwork positions us to pursue our core mission, namely: to proclaim to the world that Birmingham, AL (AKA, Beermingham, USA) is, in fact, a premiere beer tourism destination.  


Whether the trip takes you across town, across the country, or all the way around the world, we encourage you to come to town and put your taste-buds in our tasting rooms! Then we're certain you'll agree: when considering world-class beer destinations, Beermingham, USA is your first round draft choice


Our non-profit organization was established in 2021 to accomplish these goals. Contact us today to learn more.

Useful Terms & Definitions

Beermingham Brewers Collaborative = BHAM's Local Brew Hub

Beermingham, USA = Your first round draft choice!

Beermingham Invitational= BHAM's premiere, annual craft beer competition

Brewzapalooza = Craft Beer Week in BHAM (kicks off first Sunday in Oct.)

33.5167405° N, -86.7894615° E  (LAT/LONG) = Your coordinates for craft beer!

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