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A difference YOU can make...

You CAN make a difference with Beermingham Brewers Collaborative!  Whether it's volunteering, event sponsorship, or a simple donation, your support helps us make a positive impact in our community every day. Join us and see for yourself.



Brandish your brand, we'll pour the beer...


Brewzapalooza is now accepting sponsors for 2022

All our events support our mission: to raise public awareness of the community of corporate craft brewers in Birmingham, AL, to raise Birmingham’s profile as a world-class beer producing city, to establish its bona fides as a destination for beer tourism.


The focus for 2021 was on providing H.E.L.P., in the form of much needed funding for Birmingham’s hard-hit entertainment and hospitality industry. The acronym, H.E.L.P. stands for hospitality, entertainment & live performances. Over the course of one fun weekend, our inaugural event delivered $40K in revenue directly to  Birmingham businesses.


In 2022, we will continue our support of local hospitality and entertainment industries, while also implementing a scholarship program for candidates interested in pursuing a career in commercial craft brewing.

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