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1st Seasick Session makes a Splash!

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

On April 6, 2023, Beermingham Brewers Collaborative partnered with Seasick Records to launch the Seasick Sessions. In this live music series, we highlight local musicians and local beer.

We will produce four (or more) sessions per year. The live concerts are recorded, and a vinyl album will be released at the end of each season featuring cuts from the performances.

To kick it off, La Memoria (formerly, HotBed) rocked the house with a high-energy show, while promoting their new lathe cut vinyl featuring 'Pablo Pachuco' (with B-side: 'En Otro Lugar').

La Memoria @ Seasick Sessions

Cahaba Brewing Company was the local beer sponsor for our inaugural event. Their perennial favorites, Cahaba American Lager, Cahaba Blond, and Cahaba India Pale Lager were the crowd pleasers on hand.

The Collaborative is currently scheduling future Seasick Sessions with some of Birmingham's best musicians, including, Cash Langdon, The Ladies Of, members of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, and many others.

Seasick Sessions are free to members of Beermingham Brewers Collaborative, just one of the many benefits of membership.

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