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Brewzapalooza Wrap Party Sun. Oct. 9

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Come join us on Sunday October 9, from noon to 8:00 PM, for a super exciting afternoon and evening of activities that are sure to bring a smile to your face. Of course, based on the video posted above, you are correct in your assumption that music will play a big part.

Brotha Josh and The Quickness, a neo-soul outfit out of Hattiesburg, MS, has begun to gain some serious traction in our local music scene. On Sunday, you'll see why. Brotha Josh will take the stage around around 5:30 PM and we dare you not to dance!

Juco is headlining our event. These indie rockers are one of BHAM's favorite bands. If you've had the good fortune to see them play before then you already know this. If you have not, this is the perfect time to remedy the situation.


La Memoria will perform for an audience for the first time in three years. This Birmingham-based band (that formerly toured as HotBed) brings a Latinx influence to American rock and roll. We could not be more excited to bring them back for you.

La Memoria

Results of Adults is a psychedelic pop trio that never fails to bring the groove. This group's stage presence and antics are reminiscent (to us at least) of something that you might expect from The Flaming Lips.

Results of Adults

Here's our full music lineup:

  • Nano Dj @ 12:30

  • Results of Adults @ 2:00

  • La Memoria @ 3:30

  • Brotha Josh @ 5:30

  • Juco @ 7:00

Did we mention that we'll have vendors, too? Well, we do! Come visit and shop with ASAPP Art, Dr. Dank Industries, GCopperware, HARST, House Plant Collective, Lost Apparel, Soul Odyssey, and the ever popular, Trailer Park Photos.

And when you get hungry, we've got you covered, with deliciousness from Porky's Pride Food Truck and Encore Deserts. This event will put the "fun day" in your Sunday.

You can't have a Brewzapalooza without craft beer. That's why our festival this year is hosted by Hop City Birmingham. BHAM's coolest beer bar, which just celebrated its 10th anniversary, is also in the running for USA Today's Best Beer Bar 2022!

Still stocked up with exclusive anniversary goodies and always loaded with excellent local options, you will never be disappointed by Hop City's incredible beer selection.

We'll also be announcing the winners of the 2nd annual Beermingham Invitational Brewing Competition. Our contest this year is a BJCP certified event. The tournament is directed by Stacey Chappel, Hop City's GM and James Vance, Beermingham Brewers Collaborative's director of brewery outreach.

This year the categories are:


Barley/Wheat Ales


Pale Ale



  • Hazy

  • Traditional


  • Wild Spontaneous

  • Berliner Weiss/Gose


  • Traditional

  • Pastry/Barrel Aged

Entries will be judged based on BJCP guidelines and will receive a 0-50 score. They will have the opportunity to receive a Gold/Silver/Bronze award based on score and the potential to receive best in category and best in show designations.

The competition is one way that we promote BHAM's burgeoning craft beer scene, and thereby proclaim to the world that Beermingham USA is, indeed, your first round draft choice! And this is your opportunity to be here to see who wins.

Many thanks to our wonderful sponsors, WorkPlay, Elyton Hotel, First Avenue Ventures, Heather Leonard PC, Seasick Records, Birmingham Mountain Radio, Mouthfeel Draft Services, Greater Birmingham Convention & Visitors Bureau, and Phoenix Promotional Products. They make this possible.

So if you love beer (and you're not allergic to great fun) then we'll see you Sunday @ Hop City!. Tickets are only $10 and they're available here. Come see us. You can thank us then!

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