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2023 membership drive -- join the team, today!

Updated: Apr 18, 2023


Beermingham Brewers Collaborative is a 501(c)(3) organization, as such all donations are tax deductible.

Supporting Beermingham Brewers Collaborative means that you are actively increasing the marketability of the Birmingham region by helping us establish our “hopping” craft beer industry as a legitimate pillar in the massive edifice of local tourist attractions. Each day, we make the “case” for Beermingham, USA, as: your first-round draft choice!

We “pair” both the products of our local breweries and BHAM’s vibrant craft beer scene with the city’s most iconic attractions, including: music venues, sports teams, hospitality industry, and cultural attractions to prove unequivocally that Birmingham, AL is burgeoning as a beer-tourism destination, of the first order.


Members will receive the following:

Four (or more) member-meetups @ a rotating roster of local breweries. Including beer specials, door prizes, music and more.

Free admission to events produced by Beermingham Brewers Collaborative (50 percent off of VIP packages and submissions to Beermingham Homebrew Competition.

2023 Events:

Seasick Sessions

4.6 - La Memoria & Suaze

TBA - Cash Langdon (summer)

TBA - Alabama symphony quartet (summer)

(October) - TBA

Brewzapalooza includes:


Beermingham Invitational Brewing Competition

October Seasick Session season finale

Wrap-party, Beerfest, Live music, Beermingham Invitational winner announcements

In spring 2024, we’ll be introducing the Beermingham Homebrew Competition and the Homebrew Hullabaloo to our event lineup.

We are actively negotiating on behalf of our membership to provide more great benefits for joining. These include special access for music and sports events, discount on merch @ participating breweries, and many great deals and discounts that will far exceed your membership donation.

(Check back to this page frequently for updates.)

One-year memberships are $49. You may join here.

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