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Uproot Brewing: The Up-Side of Beer Down Town!

Updated: Jan 5

Uproot Brewing Co. is the new kid on the block in Beermingham. Since its establishment in 2022, Nate Darnell, owner/brewer (former head brewer @ Ferus Artisan Ales) has been brewing his unique and adventurous flavors.

At Uproot, craftsmanship and creativity go hand in hand. Expertise and passion combine to allow experiments with unconventional ingredients and brewing techniques. As a result, the brewery offers a diverse range of beers that constantly surprise and delight.

With regular live music performances, art showcases, and community fundraisers, Uproot Brewing Co. has become a cultural hub for the community to gather, connect, and celebrate.

If the taproom at Uproot Brewing Co. seems familiar, it's probably because the venue was an “incubator” for two fledgling Birmingham originals: Cahaba Brewing Co. and Ghost Train Brewing Co. each launched their breweries in this space. 

Located at 789 Elm Street, Birmingham, AL, Uproot Brewing Co. is open to the public and invites beer lovers to explore their innovative brews. Whether you're seeking a new flavor adventure or looking for a place to connect with the local community, Uproot Brewing Co. is the destination for those seeking unique and unforgettable craft beer experiences.

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