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The "Case" for Beer

Updated: Jan 5

Over the last decade, Birmingham, AL has added over a dozen craft breweries to its tax rolls. Between wholesale, retail, and taproom sales, this has become a viable industry. One fully capable of driving tourism.

In 2018, American’s spent over a trillion dollars (yes, trillion) on beer-seeking adventures, domestically and internationally. Indications are that these pre-pandemic trends are rebounding. “Beercations” are a real thing.

Since local craft beer has become a major selling point for the city and region, Beermingham Brewers Collaborative works to coordinate and communicate a cohesive and compelling brewing industry message to visitors and patrons from near and far.

The Birmingham region already boasts a host of new and preexisting attractions that independently draw many visitors year-round.

We’ve got exciting local sports teams: Barons, Bulls, Legion, Squadron, Stallions.

We’ve got Barber Motorsports, City Walk Bham, Civil Rights Museum, Railroad Park, Vulcan to mention just a few. Our brewery landscape has now actively joined that list.

We believe by bundling or “packaging” the local beer scene with Bham’s existing amenities, we are on the fast track to becoming a bona fide beer tourism destination.

Beermingham, USAYour first-round draft choice!

Here’s our line of reasoning:

  • Birmingham has an outstanding local music scene and cool venues packing in killer shows nightly. What pairs nicely with this? Oh yeah, local craft beer!

  • As hosting the NCAA Basketball tournament reminds us: Birmingham is also a great sports destination. What can make it even better? Maybe some local craft beer.

  • For decades (prior to Covid), Birmingham has been known as an ultimate “foodie town.” The best restaurants in the city now sell local craft beer.

  • We’ve got greenspace galore, gorgeous gardens, spectacular parks, historical landmarks, a vibrant city center, an amazing art museum, ballet, symphony orchestra, etc. (and a cost of living that makes east coast and left coast visitors alike want to stick around and spend money!) So, let’s pair all of these with local craft beer.

Yet, even in the midst of the anticipation and excitement over the prospect of bringing tourist dollars in, we still recognize and draw attention to the inherent benefits that breweries automatically contribute to the quality of life within permanent communities they inhabit.

Craft breweries are always engines of local economic development. Their contributions include employment, neighborhood revitalization, civic recruitment, the provision of safe/fun gathering spots, a source of local pride, and so many more.

Taken in tandem, our local craft breweries are the backbone of Beermingham, USA.

Our organization's mission is straightforward and consists of two interrelated objectives: 1) To keep Beermingham, USA, in the conversation, whenever, wherever “legit beer towns'' are being discussed, and 2) To encourage people everywhere to come for a visit and experience our “beer town” for themselves.

Local brewery owners and head brewers are ex officio members of the organization. We are also launching a general membership campaign this spring (more on this very soon) and, of course, sponsors are mission critical to funding our programs and initiatives.

If you want to join the festivities and help us introduce Beermingham, USA to the world, there are many ways to do so. Individuals can become members or volunteer for events. Companies can become sustaining sponsors.

We have sponsorship opportunities ranging from $500 - $5000. In addition to complimentary event passes for your team, they include multiple high exposure opportunities for your brand via digital media, radio, posters, signage, customer facing kiosks and tables @ events and ownership of hospitality zones for VIPs etc.

So, help us as we help Birmingham put its best foot forward and expand on the growing list of amenities and attractions that make it fun and unique. Along with sports and important cultural sites, in addition to fine dining, live music and unrivaled hospitality, let’s make the “case” for local, craft beer!

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